Production Payroll

Entertainment Payroll: Overview

Payroll for film, TV and commercials is a specialized industry. While there are many payroll providers for general staff payment purposes, entertainment payroll requires expertise specific to paying short-term crew members on a film or commercial production. There are wage and hour considerations and benefit contributions that are unique to the entertainment industry.

When deciding how to pay your film crew and cast, it’s important to work with a payroll firm that understands industry requirements and procedures. You want your crew members to be paid on time per their union or non-union deal memos with the production, and the payments must be accurate with all proper deductions taken out.

If you choose a solid film payroll company with an established history, at the end of the year you can rest easy knowing that all W-2’s are being distributed in a timely way, and tax filings and union contributions are being made properly.

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