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Note: All current versions of Showbiz Software are compatible with MAC OSX 10.7 or higher (includes Yosemite) and Win Vista or higher (includes 8.1)

Showbiz Budgeting is the most versatile bidding, budgeting and actualization software on the market. From an AICP bid to a studio feature film budget, Showbiz Budgeting has you covered.

But it’s not just a bidding and budgeting program. Unlike other applications, Showbiz Budgeting actualizes too, so you can see exactly what you’ve spent and how it affects your overall budget. See your actuals right alongside your estimates. Built-in detail tools allow you to track checks, purchase orders, petty cash envelopes, payroll and more. You can even download your payroll data and import it directly to your actuals in seconds! When production is complete, Showbiz Budgeting stays with you, delivering the reports you need to make your wrap package look sharp. This is the first and last production budgeting program you’ll ever need. It even includes a flexible production calendar to keep you on schedule!

THE MOST VERSATILE SET OF TEMPLATES ANYWHERE: Dozens of studio formats including Universal, Sony, Paramount, and more. Plus AICP, AICE, CICP, post production, editing, indie feature, reality TV series, corporate video, live event, documentary, web, live theater and even still photography.

Note: Please download the “How To Install” file to assist you with installation and using our new activation system.

Fringes, Globals, Sub-groups
These standard time-saving tools are made even easier with Showbiz Budgeting. Just point and click to make lightning-fast adjustments to your entire budget on the fly.

Allows a budget to be split up into distinct segments for different budget scenarios. You can have multi-city or multi-country budget comparisons. Great for incentives.

Each budget contains estimates as well as actuals, making it easy to see your estimate figures right alongside the actuals.

Purchase Order System
Keep track of your PO’s during or after production with the Purchase Order System. As actual cost items are entered, Showbiz Budgeting tallies the charges against each PO, which can be printed or emailed to your vendor.

Petty Cash System
The Petty Cash system helps you keep track of petty cash envelopes and all PC expenses. You can record cash transfers to and from the bank, or between envelopes. Running subtotals for each line number are always visible, and PC expenses are instantly plugged into the actual.

Detail Items
You can enter unlimited individual cost items on each line. Detail can be entered for the estimated side or actual side. Actual details can record whether the charge is a check, credit card, invoice, time card or petty cash.

All reports can easily be made into a PDF. In addition to printing your Budget Summary, Accounts and Details, Showbiz Budgeting can print detailed reports including: Cost Reports and Calendars, Petty Cash Reports, Petty Cash Envelopes, Purchase Order Logs and more.

You can import budgets from Movie Magic Budgeting, as well as actuals from Point Zero and Powerbid. Also import payroll, and import from Showbiz Timecards and Showbiz Scheduling. You can even import and export between Showbiz Budgeting users to share workloads.


Access all your categories, accounts and details in one window.


The only budgeting software that allows sub-budgets: break out according to union/non-union, city location or prep-shoot-wrap.

Ability to actualize budget right in the software, and compare against variances.

Operating system:
Requires an Intel Mac running OSX 10.6 or higher, Windows XP or higher.