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When you’re preparing your budget, the last thing you want to do is call 20 different local union offices looking for rates. Now you don’t have to: just point and click on any Union or Guild to quickly find the hourly, daily, weekly or flat rate for almost anyone in the industry, along with guarantees and Overtime provisions. Using our proprietary, searchable database will not only speed up the budgeting process, it will make your budget more accurate than ever.

The all-digital Labor Guide also comes with a bookmarked PDF, containing more detailed rules and working conditions for industry unions, locals and guilds. Find meal penalties, minimum staffing and other useful provisions from the contracts, so you can generate the right payment for any situation. Find out why productions rely on the Labor Guide as the most trusted and comprehensive resource of its kind.

Whether budgeting your production, preparing time cards or weighing the cost of an on-set decision, you can move ahead confidently with the Showbiz Labor Guide, knowing you have the most accurate and complete information available. In addition to a searchable database of rates, you get a PDF download with condensed rules and conditions from each collective bargaining agreement covered.

Rules and Tools

  • Minimum Rates: Studio and Distant Location
  • Overtime
  • Meal Penalties
  • Turnaround
  • Travel Time
  • Minimum Staffing
  • Wage-and-Hour Law
  • Sample Timecards
  • Payroll FAQ’s
  • Low Budget
  • Minor Rules

Unions and Guilds covered include

  • Teamsters
  • DGA
  • WGA
  • AFM

Showbiz Labor Guide

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