Production Payroll - Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit for Commercial, TV and Film Payroll

Freelancer ACH Deposit

Do you jump from job to job, without a care in the world except to make sure your pay gets deposited in the bank when the time is right? Then Freelancer ACH Deposit may be for you. Under this system, anytime you work for a client of ours, you will get paid via Automated Clearing House (ACH). This may take an extra day vs normal payday, but you only have to sign up once and you’ll be set… as long as you’re working for a Media Services client, your weekly payments will be automatically deposited into your bank account. The simplest way to set up long-term ACH Deposit as a freelancer. [Note: Funds available 2 business days after payroll is finalized.]

  Click here for the Freelancer ACH Deposit Form

Production Company Direct Deposit

Is your production company set up to provide Direct Deposit? If so, you can sign up by filling out the form here. The benefit of signing up for Direct Deposit through the production company, as opposed to Freelancer ACH Deposit (above), is that the deposit will be made to your bank account on actual payday. If you utilize the Freelancer ACH Deposit above, the deposit will not hit until the following business day. Ask your production company if they have opted to provide Production Company Direct Deposit, and if so…

  Click here for the Production Company Direct Deposit Form