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Showbiz Timecards – Film/TV Crew and SAG-AFTRA

All Media Services payroll clients receive free use of our industry standard production software Showbiz Timecards for both Crew and SAG-AFTRA. This revolutionary program has changed the way productions do business, allowing the production accountant to simply enter start and stop times, and generate fully calculated timecards for the entire cast and crew… including meal penalties, night premiums and rest period invasions, accurate to the penny. These electronic timecards then integrate with our payroll system, so that your crew is paid perfectly every time.

Mobilize your crew™.

How would you like to be rid of paper timecards forever? With Showbiz Timecards Mobile, you can have your entire crew enter their own In and Out times… and then approve them online yourself. Once finished, just upload to the Media Services HTG system for fully integrated payroll service!

The interface is built with user-friendliness in mind, allowing crew and cast to enter their workday info right from their phones in seconds. If everyone works the same basic hours each day, no problem: you can enter the hours in bulk, and your crew will be automatically notified to go in and review/submit their timecards electronically. With the click of a button, you can see who has submitted their times and who hasn’t.

Pay Stubs Available Online 24/7 via Mobile Timecards

Now when crew members become Showbiz Timecards Mobile users, all their pay history is available for them to retrieve via the same secure login. Upon logging in, in addition to pending timecards, the user will see a link to Pay History… giving them access to pay stubs going back to 2012, even from jobs prior to when they were on mobile timecards!

For a complete demonstration of Showbiz Timecards Mobile, please contact your salesperson or call 310 440 9674 (Los Angeles) or 212 366 9390 (New York).

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